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Jun 11, 2009 · Difference between Irish and English in that Irish people had sharper facial features if that mainland Europeans in physical structure.

The Irish tend to have either very light features: red, black, light brown, or blond hair; with some freckles, reddish pigment, and somewhat drier skin.

Ancestral Journeys. Peopling of Europe; Wider view; facial features and colouring are inherited autosomally. , who claim as many red-heads as the Irish.

The Average Face of Different Nationalities: Do you see yourself? By FB @ – February 14, 2011 Posted in: Life. Tweet. You know I have to say it…!

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Jan 12, 2008 · In appearance what are Irish characteristics? coloring, body type, facial body type, facial features is a stereotype that can not be identified.

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Sub-Races or Ethnicities of Europe . Rufous and exaggeratedly “Irish” in facial features. with heavy browridges and a strong facial bony structure.

The Celts Themselves “We are Unless facial hair of some sort exists on the face, Relatively unimportant to the overall character and structure of the head,

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Go to St. Patrick’s Day Page. Go to Home Page. The Look of the Irish: It’s a Heritage as Plain as the Nose on a Face By Henry Allen Washington Post Staff Writer

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